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Riding Academy at Sunfire

About the Program

The Riding Academy at SunFire offers horseback riding lessons for riders age 6 and up. Whether you are looking to ride for the very first time, continue growing as a rider, or to get back into the saddle after some time off, we can help you achieve your equestrian goals. The goal of our program is to help mold the next generation of equestrians by teaching good horsemanship and the fundamentals of English riding. Whether your dreams are in the show ring or to enjoy riding as a lifelong hobby, we want to support you in living your horsey dream!


What To Expect


We have reliable lesson horses available to aid you or your child in their growth as an equestrian both in and out of the saddle. Our Riding Academy instructors provide a safe and positive environment for you to achieve whatever goals you have in mind.

The Riding Academy lessons include both basic horsemanship and riding. All riders are expected to tack and untack the horse or pony they use in their lesson. Our lessons will start with bringing your horse into the barn from it's stall or pasture, where riders will groom and tack up. Riding time is approximately 30 minutes, and after the riding lesson,  riders will untack their horse or pony and put them away.

Once riders have mastered tacking and untacking, they can move on to regular private, semi-private, or group riding lessons. For these lessons, riders are expected to arrive to the barn 30 minutes prior to their ride time to tack up, and stay 30 minutes after their ride to untack. Riding time for students able to tack up on their own is approximately 45 minutes.


For riders who are ready to take the next step, in barn half and full leases are available. More information can be found on our Services page.

What To Wear

Details are very important in the world of equestrianism! If you would like a list of all of the proper attire for English riding, please contact our team. We recommend shopping at Brenda's Tack Warehouse in Woodland.


At a very minimum, all riders are asked to wear boots with at least a 1/4" heel. Shoes must be closed-toed, and no sneakers are allowed when riding, as they are unsafe.

To protect our leather saddles, we ask that students wear leggings or breeches.

We have helmets available to borrow during your lesson, but if riders would like to bring their own, please be sure it is an ASTM approved helmet. Absolutely no bicycle helmets are allowed.

Horsemanship Classes


Interested in learning about horses but not sure where to start? Want to improve your horse handling skills and confidence around horses on the ground? The Riding Academy at SunFire will be offering a series of four horsemanship classes covering topics such as safety, leading, grooming & bathing, tacking and untacking, lunging, and more. Horsemanship classes will be unmounted and focus on the care and maintenance of the horse. Classes will be offered on a rotating basis, with only 2 spots available in each class. $60 per one hour class.

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